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Much has developed and changed in the 184 years of our presence as CB Religious, however the common line that can be recognized in the CB way of life is that our lives are defined by prayer, community and apostolic ministries. As an apostolic Congregation we try our best to balance our life, the “being ” and “doing “. It means we integrate our prayer, community and apostolic ministries so that we become closer to Christ while in service to our fellow beings, in the Church and society.


Elisabeth Gruyters was a deeply religious woman, who was touched by the needs of fellow human beings and in whom a passionate desire grew to open herself completely to God's salvation work and to respond to it. This moved her to look for a monastery in which God would be sincerely served. Her deepest desire became a reality in the foundation of the Congregation of which she herself became the founder. In her religious life she mainly sought the Kingdom of God. (Constitution 1)


Choosing for this congregation means that one wants to respond to God's invitation in the spirit of the Gospel as experienced by Mother Elisabeth and as expressed in the Constitution. (K 69).

A candidate becomes a member of the Congregation by taking the vows. Through this membership she shares in the life and mission of the Congregation with all rights and obligations in accordance with the Constitution of the Congregation. (K 67)

A candidate must prepare for three formation periods:

  1. Introductory formation during the postulate and novitiate.

  2. The actual apostolic formation during the period of temporary profession

  3. The formation continues through all periods of life.

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