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The Chapel is very significant to the life of the sisters. It is the place where the sisters took their vows and from there they were sent to the ministry inside the country or abroad. Through their prayers, sisters could devote themselves fully to their neighbor and they experienced a great bond with each other: a combination of action and contemplation. Since in the beginning, there was a chapel or prayer room in every house of the Congregation.

Mother Elisabeth writes:

“Now in 1844 the Good  Lord has willed that we should live in an even better home.  First and foremost of all, we arranged a very healthy and quiet place of prayer...

On 11 November 1845 we were so happy that the Right Rev. Bishop JA Paridis of  Roermond consecrated our new Chapel in this convent, and celebrated a Solemn High Mass with great ceremony ( EG 57-59). 

The chapel mentioned by Mother Elisabeth in 1844 was demolished in May 1899 and on 9 June the groundbreaking was laid in the current  Chapel, built in neo-Gothic style.


On June 9, 1900, Mgr. Sevriens, Dean of Maastricht, the new chapel inaugurated. On September 11, the solemn consecration of the beautiful, majestic chapel took place by Mgr. Drehmans, Bisshop van Roermond.

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